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    Acupressure for Stress Relief

    Learn how to use acupressure to relieve stress

    Enrol in this value packed online course for FREE and learn how to incorporate simple acupressure techniques into any session!

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    What Will You Learn?

    Inside this course you will learn what acupressure is, how it works, how to do it, and how to help your clients manage their stress

    How it Works

    Learn how acupressure works by examining the traditional principles an modern psychology

  • A traditional look at acupressure

  • A modern understanding of stress

  • An integration of both

  • How it's Done

    Learn how to incorporate simple techniques into any treatment that help reduce stress

  • Basic acupressure techniques

  • Points on the head and neck

  • Points on the hands and feet

  • Homecare

    Learn a simple homecare routine to help your clients (and yourself) feel calm and relaxed when stressed

  • Simple techniques

  • Easy to implement

  • Quick to teach

  • Ready To Start Using Acupressure Today?

    This is the time to finally learn the best techniques to help your clients move into a deeper state of rest. Enroll today for FREE.

    Who Can Benefit From This Course?

    Inside this course you will learn how to use acupressure, without having to know Qi

    Relaxation Massage

    Bring Your Clients into A Deeper State of Relaxation

    You want to learn acupressure, but 

    Therapeutic Massage

    Learn the Techniques Without all The Fluff

    There is a stigma about acupressure, and many people think that it is 'woo-woo' with no basis in science.  In this program we bring a modern understanding of psychology and the physiology of stress to the ancient practice.  And, no matter what your client comes in for, starting the session off by getting their nervous system to calm down will make your job much easier!


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    Ready To Learn How To Start Learning Acupressure From Home?

    Inside this FREE online course you'll find easy techniques you can incorporate into any session!

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