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NOTE: We have submitted this course for pre-approval to all of the following associations. We are anticipating "Business Basics" to be approved for 6 CE hours.


CMMOTA - 6 Primary

CRMTA - 6 Secondary

MTAA - 3 Secondary

NHPC - 5 Credits

CMTO - Complies with STRiVE


Business Basics

Unlock the power of business skills for your wellness practice and experience a transformational journey to success with our comprehensive Business Basics course.

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The Curriculum

Chapter 1 - Introduction

In this introductory chapter of the course, students will embark on a transformative journey into the world of business basics for wellness practitioners. They will be introduced to the core objectives, methodology, and available resources that will empower them to build a thriving and successful practice.

Chapter 2 - Getting Started

Exploring different business structures, legal requirements, developing a business plan, securing funding, and understanding ethical considerations.

·      Sole Proprietor: Exploring the advantages and considerations of establishing a sole proprietorship.

·      Partnership: Understanding the benefits and challenges of forming a partnership in a wellness practice.

·      Corporation: Exploring the structure and legal aspects of establishing a corporation for a wellness business.

·      Choosing a Business Name: Techniques and strategies for selecting a compelling and memorable business name.

·      Registration: Step-by-step guidance on the registration process, including legal requirements and documentation.

·      Legalities: Understanding legal obligations and compliance in operating a wellness practice.

·      Contractor vs. Employee: Distinguishing between the roles of contractors and employees and their implications in the wellness industry.

·      Start-Up Costs: Identifying and managing start-up costs effectively for a successful business launch.

·      Loans and Financing: Exploring different financing options and resources available for wellness practitioners.

·      Other Resources: Additional resources, such as business support organizations and professional networks.

·      Conclusion: Recap of the chapter and key takeaways.  

Chapter 3 - Insurance

·      Understanding the importance of financial protection through insurance.

·      The Financial House: Exploring the key elements of a solid financial foundation for a wellness practice.

·      Insurance Defined: Defining insurance and its role in mitigating risks and liabilities.

·      Types of Insurance: Overview of various insurance types relevant to wellness practitioners.

·      Health Insurance: Understanding the benefits and considerations of health insurance coverage for practitioners.

·      Short/Long Term Disability: Exploring disability insurance options and the protection they offer.

·      Living Benefits vs Supplemental: Understanding the difference between living benefits and supplemental insurance.

·      Common Questions: Addressing frequently asked questions related to insurance in the wellness industry.

·      Conclusion: Recap of the chapter and key takeaways.

Chapter 4 - Clinic Management:

Creating a professional clinic environment, implementing effective appointment scheduling and client intake procedures, building client relationships, and managing staff.

·      Standard Operating Procedures (SOP): Establishing effective procedures and protocols for clinic operations.

·      Supplies: Identifying essential supplies and equipment for a well-equipped wellness clinic.

·      Why EMR is Necessary: Understanding the importance of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) in clinic management.

·      Choosing the Right EMR: Guidance on selecting a suitable EMR system for efficient clinic operations.

·      Introduction to Jane: Overview of Jane, a popular EMR platform for wellness practitioners.

·      Jane Walkthrough: Navigating the features and functions of Jane EMR for effective charting and scheduling.

·      Charting Basics SOAP: Introduction to SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan) charting method.

·      Charting Basics: Exploring the fundamentals of effective charting in a wellness clinic setting.

·      Setting Your Prices: Strategies and considerations for setting competitive and sustainable pricing for services.

·      Raising Your Prices: Techniques for implementing price increases in a professional and client-centric manner.

·      Discounts: Understanding the pros and cons of offering discounts and promotions in a wellness practice.

·      Invoices and Receipts: Best practices for generating accurate and professional invoices and receipts.

·      Direct Billing: Exploring the process of direct billing for insurance claims and reimbursement.

·      Direct Billing - Canada: Specific considerations and guidelines for direct billing in the Canadian healthcare system.

·      Direct Billing - USA: Understanding the process and requirements for direct billing in the United States.

·      Conclusion: Recap of the chapter and key takeaways.  

Chapter 5 - Bookkeeping and Taxes

Learning essential bookkeeping principles, managing income and expenses, understanding tax obligations, and maintaining financial records.

·      Instructor Introduction: Introduction to the instructor and their expertise in bookkeeping and tax management.

·      Overview: Exploring the fundamentals of bookkeeping and its role in business success.

·      What is Bookkeeping?: Defining bookkeeping and its purpose in recording financial transactions.

·      Bookkeeping Basics: Understanding key concepts, such as double-entry bookkeeping and chart of accounts.

·      Expenses: Managing and categorizing expenses for accurate financial records and tax deductions.

·      Bills and Utilities: Effective management of bills and utilities to ensure timely payments and financial stability.

·      Storing Receipts: Best practices for organizing and storing receipts for easy reference and tax purposes.

·      Income, Taxes, and GST: Understanding income tracking, tax obligations, and Goods and Services Tax (GST) considerations.

·      Conclusion: Recap of the chapter and key takeaways.  

Chapter 6 - Marketing:

Understanding marketing fundamentals, developing a unique brand identity, implementing online and offline marketing strategies, and measuring marketing success.

·      Overview: Introduction to marketing strategies tailored to the wellness industry.

·      What is Marketing: Defining the concept of marketing and its relevance to wellness practitioners.

·      Authentic Marketing: Understanding the importance of authenticity in marketing efforts.

·      Ideal Client: Identifying and targeting the ideal client for a wellness practice.

·      USP: Developing a Unique Selling Proposition to differentiate the practice in a competitive market.

·      Brand Identity: Crafting a strong brand identity that resonates with the target audience.

·      Traditional Marketing Methods: Exploring traditional marketing channels, such as print media and networking events.

·      Modern Marketing Methods: Utilizing digital marketing strategies, including social media, email marketing, and online advertising.

·      Marketing Tips: Practical tips and techniques to enhance marketing efforts and maximize results.

·      The 'Right' Client: Strategies for attracting and retaining the right clients for a thriving wellness practice.  

Chapter 7 - Expert Interviews:

Engaging with successful wellness practitioners through interviews, gaining insights into their experiences and strategies for success, and applying these lessons to individual business goals.

·      Janine Gotzke - General Practice Massage Clinic Owner: In-depth interview with a successful massage clinic owner, sharing insights and experiences.

·      Kendall Hagensen - Multidisciplinary Clinic Owner: Gaining valuable perspectives from a clinic owner operating in a multidisciplinary setting.

·      Robin Divine - Niche-Based Clinic Owner: Exploring the strategies and challenges of running a niche-focused clinic.

·      Melissa Pierson - Mobile Massage Business Owner: Insights into the unique aspects of managing a mobile massage business.

·      Jennifer Fehr - Luxury Spa Manager: Learning from a luxury spa manager about providing exceptional service and client experiences.  

Hi! I'm Dr. Jess!

I'm a wellness practitioner and successful business owner. Teaching business is my passion. With years of experience running my own practice and teaching at esteemed institutions, I understand the challenges wellness practitioners face.

I'm dedicated to empowering you with practical skills and strategies to build a thriving practice. I simplify complex concepts, provide actionable insights, and offer real-world examples. Join me on this transformative journey to unlock the secrets of business success in the wellness industry!

Instructor Credentials

Courses taught by Dr. Jess Reynolds are accepted for CE Hours accross Canada and the USA. Here is a list of associations that has pre-approved this course.


We have submitted this course for pre-approval to all of the following associations. We are anticipating "Business Basics" to be approved for 6 CE hours.


CMMOTA - 6 Primary

CRMTA - 6 Secondary

MTAA - 3 Secondary

NHPC - 5 Credits

CMTO - Complies with STRiVE

If you association is not listed, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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