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    Want To Learn How To Prevent Burnout and Injury?

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    Continuing Education Hours For Massage Therapists

    How much is injury costing you?

    The most common reason massage therapists take unscheduled time off, or have to quite the profession is due to injury and burnout.

    Here's What You'll Learn in Selfcare and Burnout Prevention for Massage Thearpists

    • Hot to identify the most common workplace injuries

    • A simple start of day routine to help prevent injuries

    • Body mechanics that save your hands

    • Self massage techniques that work

    • All about massage tools any why they are awesome!

    • A simple end of day routine to help precent injuries

    • The signs of burnout

    • What to do if you start to feel burnt out

    • How to prevent burnout

    Hey guys! I'm Dr. Jess!

    Massage therapy is an incrdibly physically demaning job, but I don't have to tell you that!  Wear and tear of the body is one of th most common reasons peopel quite massage, and burnout is all too common as well.

    Sign Up for our FREE course on Selfcare For Massage Therapists and Burnout Prevention, worth 2 CE Hours, and learn simple steps and techniques you can take to ma to feel great every day, and built a practice you don't want to quit, and the skills so you don't have to. See you on the inside!


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    We respect your privacy. Your information is 100% safe with us.

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