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    Integrate ancient wisdom and modern science to treat your client like person, not just a collection of parts.

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    Our clients are more than just a collection of parts that need to be 'fixed'

    One of the biggest failings of massage education is in teaching massage therapists to see the body as a collection of parts instead of the integrated whole that we are.


    When we forget that we are treating a person, and only focus on treating the problem, there is something lost.

    Your hands and intuition already know there is more to what you do than just trying to be a 'body mechanic', but most training reinforces the same old, disconnected story - the body is like a machine that needs to be fixed...

  • Modern science AND traditional practices

  • Learn the "language of the body" and help you clients faster

  • Access to your instructor as you go through the program

  • Techniques designed for a long, healthy career

  • What's Included in This Course?

    It is time we bring the whole person back into the treatment room. 

    Over 100 Acupoints

    We cover all of the most commonly used acupoints in the body, their exact location, and what they are used for.

    End to end treatment

    A successful treatment starts with assessment and ends with home-care.  Learn the whole process from start to finish.

    Treatment Plans

    Detailed treatment plans for the most common areas of dysfunction.

    Modern Science

    There is so much more to acupressure than just pressing a point.  Learn the physiology of acupressure and the science of touch.

    Traditional Techniques

    17 traditional acupressure and meridian massage techniques.  Learn to use 'power' instead of force and save your body!

    'With You' Learning

    Questions are essential to learning. Learn at your own pace AND have full access to your instructor. Have a question? No problem!

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    The Curriculum

    + Chapter 1

    What exactly is an acupoint? And how about meridians? What is Qi? How does acupressure work!? In section one, you will learn the answers to these questions and more. We dive deep into the theory of acupressure and how it works. We look at acupressure through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as modern science.

  • The science of acupressure and meridians

  • The traditional understanding of acupressure and meridians

  • Assessment techniques

  • + Chapter 2

    Acupressure is so much more than just pressing on a point! In this section, we learn how to perform 17 different acupressure techniques.  We take time and learn exact hand positions and body mechanics for each of the 17 different acupressure and meridian massage techniques.

  • 17 different acupressure and meridian massage techniques

  • Proper body mechanics for longevity

  • + Chapter 3 & 4

    Region by region we make our way through the entire body learning specific acupoints and how to apply the techniques from Chapter 2 to each of the points.  Starting at the head and face, we work all the way down to the feet.

  • Over 100 common acupoints

  • All regions of the body

  • Easy to follow instructions and worksheets

  • + Chapter 5

    In this section of the course, we discuss common dysfunctions and how to treat them using specific acupoints and techniques. We learn how to help with migraines by working on the hand, back pain by working on the leg and much more!

  • Treatment protocols

  • All regions of the body

  • + Chapter 6

    The difference between helping someone feel better and helping them heal is found in homecare. In this section, you will learn simple homecare routines to help your client stretch and strengthen muscles, as well as lifestyle modifications to help create lasting change.

  • Stretching

  • Strengthening

  • Goal setting and client compliance

  • + Bonus Chapter

    Stress is one of the most common issues our clients face.  Acupressure is a fast, safe, and effective way to help your clients reach a deeper state of relaxation.  The "Tapping Method" is a simple technique you can teach your clients so they drop into a calm state anywhere at any time.

  • Easy to learn

  • Effective homecare

  • About Your Teacher

    "If one more person tells me to balance my Qi…!" These were my parting words as I graduated as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). 


    My name is Dr. Jess Reynolds. I grew up in a trades family and was a tradesman for most of my early adult life. Becoming an acupuncturist was the LAST thing I (or my family) ever thought I would do. But, something inside me steered me to this world of Qi, Yin and Yang... After four years of schooling, I still had a hard time understanding what the ancient sages meant by 'balance your qi.’


    Over the last 10 years of practice, teaching, and studying, I have come to understand that what the ancient people of China called Qi is nothing magical or strange, it is what we call electrical energy, mechanical energy and chemical energy. What they called meridians, we now call Myofascial Meridians. 


    TCM still has a lot to offer though. It taught me how to truly think holistically, to see the whole person AND the parts. TCM taught me to bring balance and equanimity into the treatment room. I am very honoured to bring these lessons to you in Acupressure and Meridian Massage.

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    Bonuses Included When You Enroll Today

    Bonus #1

    The Tao in Practice

    Get instant access to Dr. Jess' popular web-class "The Tao in Practice" where he guides you on how to start to incorperate the princples of Traditional Chinese Medicine into the treatment room.

    Bonus #2

    Acupressure and Meridian Massage E-Textbook​

    With over 100 illustrations and step-by-step protocols, this companion E-Book is the perfect complement to this course.

    Bonus #3

    The Tapping Method

    Learn the much acclaimed Tapping Method (Emotional Freedom Technique). A tried and true method of acupressure that quickly relieves stress, anxiety and insomnia.

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    Our Students

    Here is what our students are saying about Acupressure and Meridian Massage

    "I have taken all of Dr. Jess' courses and I cannot recommend this course enough! The material is accessible to anyone who is interested in learning about treating the body from a holistic perspective. The content is extremely engaging and easy to follow along. He makes learning through an online platform a joy."

    Tye B

    "I really enjoyed this course. It does not go too in-depth with traditional Chinese medicine as TCM theory takes a life time to learn, however, it teaches just enough to allow massage therapist to safely incorporate acupressure into their treatments.

    Judie Heang

    "I've been a practicing acupuncturist for 7 years now and this course has been a fantastic resource for new techniques as well as a general expansion of topics I learned years ago in school. Dr. Jess does a great job of applying traditional methods and theory to a modern understanding of anatomy and physiology. It's the perfect blend of technical instruction with regular demonstrations. I would highly recommend this course for anyone with an interest in acupressure, massage or traditional medicines."

    Eric Stretch

    More Reviews

    Very well presented and I am seeing many successes using these techniques already. SO thank full for this training - my clients are seeing a big change in Headache relief, decreased shoulder pain, low back pain, knee pain and ankle pain. Thank Dr. Jess for a very worthwhile tool you have given me. 

    Colinda Taddeo

    It was an easy approach to learning the points! I've studied a lot on my own, but this helped it all be extra clear for me. So neat! I'm happy it wasn't overly challenging, but it still pushed me to learn some new things, and for that I am grateful. Namaste and God bless.

    Lisa R. Roe

    Blown away by the content, education and video quality of this course. I am very excited to utilize the new skills I have learned in Acupressure and Meridian Massage! Thank you for providing such a quality online course!

    Katherine Kowalski

    If you're at all like me, you might find there is a disconnect between the PD courses I'm interested in and the sometimes exorbitant cost of them! Yikes! Well fear no more, Dr. Jess Reynolds provides quality education at a very respectable price. I certainly plan on taking more courses through AIM in the future and you probably should too!

    Aaryn Dobson

    I love that the course comes with so many additional resources for reference for later when practicing. So much info condensed into concise documents!

    Heather Dumont

    Very easy to follow along to with great instruction and straightforward material. The website is extremely easy to use and once logged in it remembers your place. The option to ask questions and speak directly with the instructor is very helpful. Thorough and informative, very happy with the course and all that I learned.

    Takisha Lester

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  • Bonus #3 - The Tapping Method ($79 Value)

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