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    8 Week Wellness Program

    Take Control of Your Health & Start Living Better

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    8 Week Wellness Program

    Take Control of Your Health & Start Living Better

    Program Begins February 12th 2023!

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    1 Year Support

    Collaborative Program

    Group Accountability

    When you don't feel your best, every area of life suffers.

    Knowing that you can feel and be better than you currently are, but not knowing how to get there is frustruating. With so much information out there, it is hard to know where to start, and who to trust. And, it can be hard find a system that works for YOU.


    An 8-Week Immersive Health and Wellness Program for Massage Theapists and Wellness Practitioners

    Personalized Wellness Plan

    No two bodies work the same. A big problem with most health plans is they are too generalized, and don't take into consideration induvidual differences. In Elements of Health, we create a plan that is right for YOU. 

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    Designed for Real Life

    Have you ever started a diet, exercise routine, or some other wellness plan and ended up quiting after a few weeks or months? Chances are it is becasue it just didn't fit into your normal life. In Elements of Health, we make sure every suggestion fits into your real life. 

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    Quarterly Checkins

    Elments of Health is an 8-week program, but it doens't stop there. Your success is my number one priority. I will check in with you every three months to see how things are going and help you overcome obstacles.

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    Small Groups

    Often times group programs have a large number of participants. We cap the number of participants at 14 so you can be sure to get an intimate experience.

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    A Word From Dr. Jess

    I've been there! Sick, tired, and sick of being tired. I can personally relate to the feeling of life just passing by. These days, I feel great! But, it hans't always been that way. When I was 16, I was living on my own, eating junk food and playing video games. I ate so much junk, that I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, at 16! As years went by, my health got worse as I continued to eat poorly, not exercise, and do literally nothing to support my health. By the time I hit my early 20's, I was on medication for depression, migraines, and chronic skin issues. I was depressed, overweight, and miserable. There came a point when I had enough. I started taking care of myself, and eventually made my way from sick to healthy. But, I didn't stop there! I become obsessed with personal development and dedicated my life to the pursuit of health, wellness, and feeling my best! I have helped hundred of patients and clients move from sick to healthy, and healthy to optimal, and I want to share this process with you!


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    How Does it Work?

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    Meet with Dr. Jess via Zoom to discuss your goals.

    Start Feeling Better

    Join Dr. Jess in weekly, live, online discussions and start feeling better!

    📅 Program Starts February 12th, 2023

    Course Schedule: Weekly live discussion every Sunday at 1 pm starting February 12th until April 2nd

    Program length: 8-weeks

    You don't have to pay today, or even decide which package you want! Apply today and decide upon admittance to the program.

    The average price of an 8-week group program is over $1000. But you can join the program for:



    In our 8 weeks together...

  • 30 minute one on one orientation consultations ($75 value)

  • 30 minute one on one integration consultations ($75 value)

  • Weekly live group discussions ($800 value)

  • Weekly 30 minute one on one checkins - 7 additional consultations ($550 value)

  • After initial 8 weeks... 

  • Email checkin every three months for a year ($150 value)

  • 1-year basic email support (priceless)

  • Total Value: $1650

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    Comprehesive Plus

    In our 8 weeks together...

    What are the Elements of Health?

    Only interested in one Element? Enroll in induvidual weeks!

    Each week we will dive deep into one of the seven elements of health. You will learn how to apply each of the principles into REAL LIFE, in a way that is sustainable, realistic and enjoyable!

    Our Satisfaction Guarantee

    Your satisfaction is important to us, and we want to make sure that you get the most out of this experience as possible. After the prgram is compelte, if you are not satisfied with your experience, please let us know and we will give you a full refund.

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    When I talk with my coaching clients, students, patients and even friends and family a common thing that comes up is wanting to feel better. Those that are ill want to feel healthy, and those who are healthy, want to feel optimal.


    The problem is, if you have spent any time at all looking into how to go from ill to healthy, or healthy to optimal, you know there is a TON of information out there, much of which is contradictory. And, often times plans and programs are complicated, unrealistic for a person living a real life, and designed for someone who is… well not you.

    This is soooo frustrating because health and vitality are our birthrights, and we shouldn’t have to feel like feeling our best comes at the sacrifice of time and money, or that it requires getting a doctorate just to figure out how to do it! (Which I did…)


    I have spent the better part of 15 years in pursuit of health, wellness, and optimization of all aspects of my life. Truly, my life work has been to learn all I can about what it takes to feel one's best. And, I have been fortunate enough to be able to help hundreds of clients in their health journey as well.

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