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    Understanding the Lymphatic System

    Lymphatic drainage is one of the most valuable tools a massage therapist can have in their tool box. If you are curious about the lymphatic system, and not yet sure if you are ready to invest in a costly, in-person training, then this course could be exactly what you need! 

    Note: This course does not include hands-on techniques. We believe that lymphatic drainage is a technique that students should practice in a physical classroom, under the direct guidance of an instructor who can check depth/pressure. Take this course if you have ever considered learning Lymphatic Drainage Therapy/Manual Lymphatic Drainage. It will help you prepare for an in-person course and to get the most out of more advanced, hands-on training. 

    What You'll Learn In This Course

    Common Lymphatic System Conditions

    The massage therapist's role in lymphatic treatment

    Cautions and Contraindications

    Anatomy and Physiology of the lymphatic system

    What You Will Not Learn In This Course

    Hands on techniques

    Meet Your Instructor: Robin Devine

    Robin Devine is a Registered Massage Therapist who specializes in Lymphatic Drainage, Lymphedema Therapy, Brain Therapy, Brain Reflex Therapy, and Craniosacral Therapy.  She is currently one of a select few therapists in Calgary, AB, CAN who have trained at the advanced levels of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy. Robin is a Certified Lymphedema Therapist, and fully certified Complex Decongestive Therapist who enjoys working with more complex cases of lymphatic instability. 

    Robin currently teaches Lymphatic Drainage Therapy with the Chikly Health Institute. Her passion for teaching others about the lymphatic system has led to the fruition and establishment of the Lymph Balance Centre, a wellness centre in Calgary, AB, offering massage and Lymphatic Drainage Therapy to clients, and hands on training for practitioners interested in becoming certified by the Chikly Health Institute in Lymphatic Drainage Therapy.

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    Continuing Education (CE) Hours

    Understanding the Lymphatic System has been submitted to all major massage therapy associations across Canada and the USA to be assessed for credit/hours. We are anticipating this course to be evaluated at 2.5 CE hours.  

    NCBTMB - 2.5 CE Hours

    MTAA - pending

    CMOTTA - 2.5 CECs

    NHPC - 5 PDCredits

    CRTMA - pending

    MTAM - pending

    CMTO - Complies with STRIVE

    CMTNL - pending

    Here's Why You Will Love This Course

    Prenatal Massage Meditation

    Foundational Knowledge

    Many 2200(+) hour massage therapy programs include basic lymphatic massage in the curriculum. However, lymphatic massage is not the same as lymphatic drainage. After taking this course, you will understand why it is important to treat the lymphatic system specifically, and decide for yourself whether or not to pursue more advanced, hands-on training. 

    Let's Hear What Others Are Saying

    Bridget Jones, RMT

    "I learned so much in my prenatal class with Janine (she is an excellent teacher). Before taking her class, I had some nervousness about massaging a prenatal client but after her class I not only felt knowledgeable but confident!

    The class was detailed and organized. She paced the class just right, so you feel challenged but not overwhelmed. Thanks Janine! You are amazing at what you do!!!"

    Katrina Judge, RMT

    "Janine's Prenatal Massage program was the best continuing education course I have ever taken. 

    If you are looking to either learn about prenatal massage for the first time or expand on the knowledge you already have this course Is a must. 


    It has transformed my practice and given me the confidence and skills I need to treat prenatal clients safely and efficiently. "

    Azusa Hirato, R.Ac, RMT

    "Janine showed how to massage on the abdominal area, I thought it is not good to rub the abdominal area. My old idea was broken!

    Her English is very easy to listen to. And she is very feminine. I think she is perfect to match to teach prenatal/ postnatal massages."

    Jenny Stevens, RMT

    “I love that Janine teaches how to drape and massage in the side lying position.

    Also, being able to review the videos when I need is great. I don't use side lying every day, so having the ability to quickly review before a massage is really helpful.”


    Bonus #1 - Homecare Package

    You Get This Bonus For Free

    Total Value: $49.00

    Homecare is an essential part of any treatment. We can't simply give out prenatal clients the same homecare routines we provide out other clients though. In this bonus package, you will learn to provide your prenatal clients with safe, effective, an easy homecare including visualization exercises, pelvic floor exercises, postural corrections and much more!

    Bonus #2 - Prenatal Survival Guide

    You Get This Bonus For Free

    Total Value: $29.00

    Making sure you have all the supplies needs, correct form filled out, doctor's release notes and remember any possible contraindications can feel overwhelming.  We got you covered!  In this Prenatal Massage Survival Guide, you will have everything you need at your finger tips!

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