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    Prenatal Massage Foundations

    Feel Confident With Prenatal Clients.

    Prenatal massage is one of the most gratifying forms of massage. Prenatal clients come in feeling sore, in pain and emotionally drained and leave with that blissful look in their eyes. 

    What You'll Learn In This Course

    4 Hour On Demand Video Lectures

    Positioning and bolstering in side-lying position

    Cautions and Contraindications

    Prenatal intake & working with other professionals

    Techniques for all three trimesters

    Navigating complicated prenatal cases

    Meet Your Instructor: Janine Gotzke

    Janine graduated from the Massage Therapy program at Mount Royal University in 2004. She practiced in a wide range of clinics in Canada and Costa Rica before settling into the idea of creating her own clinic in Calgary.

    She is passionate and active in the massage therapy field. Janine been teaching massage at colleges and workshops for the last 15 years. She has a keen interest in Pre and postnatal massage, as well as trauma informed care for this population. As a doula she has helped many new families through their pre pregnancy, pregnancy, labor and postpartum period.

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    MTAA - 4 Primary CEs

    CMOTTA - 4 CEUs

    NHPC - 5 CEU's

    CRTMA - 4 Secondary CEUs

    MTAM - 4 CEUs

    NCBTMB - 4 CE Hours

    CMTO - Complies with STRiVE

    CMTNL - 2 Cat A

    Here's Why You Will Love This Course

    prenatal massage

    Side-lying Treatment

    Side-lying treatment and draping can be challenging. In this course you will learn exactly how to bolster, drape and position your client in a side-lying position and a detailed demonstration of every region of the body... even the belly!

    Myths of Prenatal

    Is it safe?! What about pressure points? Can I cause a miscarriage? There is a lot of misinformation and myths floating around in regards to prenatal massage. Get the story straight once and for all as we discuss all the myths and truths of prenatal massage.

    Prenatal Massage Myths
    Prentatl Massage Myths

    Myths of Prenatal

    Is it safe?! What about pressure points? Can I cause a miscarriage? There is a lot of misinformation and myths floating around in regards to prenatal massage. Get the story straight once and for all as we discuss all the myths and truths of prenatal massage.

    Prenatal Massage Meditation

    The Psychology of Pregnancy

    It is essential to understand the mental state of all of our patients, however when working with someone who is pregnant, having additional awareness of common triggers, sensitivities and emotional changes is what makes a prenatal massage therapist exceptional.

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    Let's Hear What Others Are Saying

    Bridget Jones, RMT

    "I learned so much in my prenatal class with Janine (she is an excellent teacher). Before taking her class, I had some nervousness about massaging a prenatal client but after her class I not only felt knowledgeable but confident!

    The class was detailed and organized. She paced the class just right, so you feel challenged but not overwhelmed. Thanks Janine! You are amazing at what you do!!!"

    Katrina Judge, RMT

    "Janine's Prenatal Massage program was the best continuing education course I have ever taken. 

    If you are looking to either learn about prenatal massage for the first time or expand on the knowledge you already have this course Is a must. 


    It has transformed my practice and given me the confidence and skills I need to treat prenatal clients safely and efficiently. "

    Azusa Hirato, R.Ac, RMT

    "Janine showed how to massage on the abdominal area, I thought it is not good to rub the abdominal area. My old idea was broken!

    Her English is very easy to listen to. And she is very feminine. I think she is perfect to match to teach prenatal/ postnatal massages."

    Jenny Stevens, RMT

    “I love that Janine teaches how to drape and massage in the side lying position.

    Also, being able to review the videos when I need is great. I don't use side lying every day, so having the ability to quickly review before a massage is really helpful.”


    Bonus #1 - Homecare Package

    You Get This Bonus For Free

    Total Value: $49.00

    Homecare is an essential part of any treatment. We can't simply give out prenatal clients the same homecare routines we provide out other clients though. In this bonus package, you will learn to provide your prenatal clients with safe, effective, an easy homecare including visualization exercises, pelvic floor exercises, postural corrections and much more!

    Bonus #2 - Prenatal Survival Guide

    You Get This Bonus For Free

    Total Value: $29.00

    Making sure you have all the supplies needs, correct form filled out, doctor's release notes and remember any possible contraindications can feel overwhelming.  We got you covered!  In this Prenatal Massage Survival Guide, you will have everything you need at your finger tips!

    Here's What You'll Get

    • Prenatal Massage Foundations Course (valued at $350)

    • Bonus 1: Homecare Package (valued at $49)

    • Bonus 2: Prenatal Survival Guide (valued at $29)

    Total Value: Total Value of the Prenatal Massage Foundations Package is $399

    Special Price Just For Today is

    ONLY $124

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    This is exactly what will be covered in this course

    Prenatal Massage Foundations

    Chapter 1: Principles and Theory

  • Benefits of Prenatal Massage

  • The Nervous System During Pregnancy

  • Fear Pain Tension Model

  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Uterus

  • Prenatal massage considerations

  • Contraindications

  • Doctor’s Release

  • Fertility Treatments

  • Trauma Informed Massage

  • Forms of Care

  • Intaking and Charting

  • Postural Changes during Pregnancy

  • Prenatal Positioning

  • Massage Techniques First Trimester

  • Massage Techniques Second Trimesters

  • Massage Techniques Third Trimester

  • Client Education and Home Care

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    Chapter 2: How to Perform a Prenatal Massage

  • Side-lying Pillow Placement

  • Semi-Reclining Pillow Placement

  • A Message for Therapists

  • Additional Notes on Prenatal Massage

  • Supine Positioning

  • Side-lying Positioning

  • Semi-Reclining Positioning

  • Side-lying Treatment Part I

  • Side-lying Draping

  • Side-lying Treatment Part II Glutes and Thigh

  • Side-lying Treatment Part III Leg and Foot

  • Side-lying Treatment Part IV the Back

  • Side-lying Treatment Part V Scapular Mobilization

  • Side-lying Treatment Part VI Shoulders and Chest

  • Repositioning Your Client

  • Abdominal Massage and Arm Massage

  • Cervical Massage