MTAA - 25 Primary Credits 

NHPC - 15 CEUs

NCBTCM - 25 CE Hours 

MTAM - 25 CEUs

MTANS - 25 CE Hours

CMTPEI - Awaiting Approval 


CMTBC - Awaiting Approval 


CMTNB - Awaiting Approval 

MTAS - Awaiting Approval 

CMTO - Complies with STRiVE Program

Acupressure and Meridian Massage Credits

CMMOTA - 10 Primary

CMTNL - 5 Category A

CRMTA - 10 Primary

MTAA - 12 Primary

MTAM - 10 Core Competency Credits

MTANS - 5 Primary CEU’s

MTWPAM - 10 Primary/Category A

NCBTMB - 10 CE’s

NHPC - 5 Credits

Myofascial Cupping Credits


CRMTA - 3 Primary CEU’s

CMMOTA - 3 Primary CEU’s

MTAA 3 - Primary CEU’s

NHPC - 5 CEU’s

CMNTL - 2 Primary Category A CEU’s

MTWPAM - 3 Primary Category A CEU’s

Nutrition for Inflammation Credits

CRMTA – 4 credits

CMMOTA – 4 credits

NHPC – 5 credits

MTAA – 0 credits

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    CRMTA - 19 CEU's

    CMMOTA - 19 CEC's

    MTAA - 19 Primary Credits  

    NHPC - 5 CEU's

    NCBTCM - 19 CE Hours 

    MTAM - 19 CEU's

    MTANS - 19 CE Hours

    CMTPEI - Awaiting Approval 

    CMTNL - 9.5 PD

    CMTBC - Awaiting Approval 

    MTWPAM - 19 CEU's

    CMTNB - Awaiting Approval 

    MTAS - Awaiting Approval 

    CMTO - Complies with STRiVE Program

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      As a student of Foundations of Orthopedic Assessment, you have access to some really awesome exclusive bonuses. Here are the first steps to get access to them.

      1. As a student of AIM Online, you get 1 month free and then 20% off your subscription to MassageBook for the first year. While it is not necessary to have a MassageBook account to complete this course, I will be using MassageBook in several lectures, and if you have an account already set up, you can follow along. To claim your 20% discount and create an account click HERE.​Use the coupon code AIM20
      2. You will find a copy of the printable poster in the lecture titled "Bonus Material" in foundations of Orthopedic Assessment. I have found VistaPrint to be a reliable, and affordable option for printing posters. The format is 11x17. I will be adding more posters throughout the week, so be sure to check back!
      3. To get your student discount on Complete Anatomy, click HERE. I use this tool almost every day in practice to help teach my clients what is going on in their bodies. I have found educating my clients to be the single most effective way to empower them and get them to participate in their healing journey fully.

      Please don't hesitate to reach out to me at any time at all with question. I am here to help.

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